March 28, 2019

A couple days ago A Raveling Night was listed on Web Fiction Guide, a website I've been familiar with for years now. I used to read a bunch of web novels when I was younger because books are expensive, you know.

And I've forever secretly wished that I could one day be featured on their Top Web Fiction site, but thought it would never happen in a thousand years.

Well, turns out it's kinda possible now. I know. I'm screaming internally even more than you are.

I love where ARN is going, and if you love it too, then you should give it a vote.

Voting for my book will really help me get better discovered so that one day I can possibly make a living writing these stories.

Oh, that is the dream.

It only takes a second and you don't need to log in or anything. Just click "Vote Now" and that's it.

I've received incredibly amazing feedback and messages from you, and I hope you keep all the kindness and inspiration coming!

If you've donated on my Ko-Fi page, you deserve an extra thank you and a virtual hug. You're the best.

It's been difficult to share this story because I'm so critical of myself, especially when it comes to writing. But we can't find happiness if we stay in our comfort zones. And I'm so grateful for all the happiness that writing and sharing this fantasy web serial has brought into my life.

I'm super happy for you who have stuck around by my side for years. And if you're new to this magical story world of mine, hello!

I promise you a wonderful time, great adventures and inspirational fairy tales.

Have an awesome weekend!


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