February 23, 2019

A man rode into the city, his head tied to his saddle and dripping the snow with blood. The headless soldier’s dark blue uniform glittered with snowflakes in the dim, flickering firelight. His bloody neck was still too warm for the snow to stick.

The street fell under darkness as a harsh gust of wind blew out the last torch. Noriannd hadn’t seen sunlight in days, and the people kept inside, bracing for a snow storm.

The horse trotted on, as if completely unaware of the heavy snowfall and howling wind, or even its rider’s decapitated state.

Coming to a halt outside of the King’s stables, the horse gave a loud snort, a puff of steam rising from its flaring nostrils.

It's front hooves beat the ground impatiently, and it didn't stop until a boy emerged from the stables. The scrawny stable boy looked around, jaws clenched in the frigid air, hands tucked in his pockets.

As the soldier slipped from the saddle on the horse's back, landing on the ground with a loud thump, the stable boy turned his head. Neighing aggressively, the horse reared. Hooves struck air above the stable boy, and he shielded his head with his arms.

The boy's eyes dropped on the head hanging from the saddle straps. Empty eyes stared back, the dead man's blood-splattered mouth gaping in dead terror. The boy screamed and stumbled backwards in the snow.

Blood from the poor soldier's headless body soaked snow until it froze into crystals of blood as a silent snowfall covered the corpse in the night.

There is blood in the snow.
A Raveling Night by E.M Redshaw

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  1. Creepy writing, The last paragraph especially!


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