December 27, 2018

Before today's sneak peak at A RAVELING NIGHT, I want to sincerely thank you for stumbling upon my magical corner of the universe. I hope you enjoy your stay.

My name is Em, also known as E.M Redshaw, and for the past five years of my life, I have been writing a fantasy story.

When I was in fourth grade, I used to write little books for my classmates. I'd place each new installment of my stories on the class bookshelf, and then my friends would come begging me for more, asking what was going to happen next and wondering when the next part would be finished.

However, when I grew older and told myself I needed to grow out of writing stories of dragons, vampires and elves, I stopped writing stories the same way.

I never quit writing completely, but when I returned to it at fifteen years old, it was different.

It was serious now. The goal was publication. I was going to be a real published author.

That was all I ever wanted.

But then I started film school, discovered the art of digital storytelling and started experimenting with different medias and storytelling methods. Needless to say, I was lost for a while.

Confused about my fantasy novel and hating myself for not being productive enough in the way that an author was supposed to, I felt that writing these stories had become an unnecessary burden.

It was no longer fun like it had once been. I wanted to quit it completely, because it was only making me feel inferior, depressed and like a failure. I didn't belong in the publishing industry, nor in the film business.

Deep down I knew exactly what to do, but it felt too unconventional to even try.

But here I am, more sure than ever. This is how I return to my roots. This is how I love storytelling again.

I just need to be expecting less of myself, writing more freely and not worrying about the next ten years of my career. As long as I keep telling stories about viking societies, forbidden love and finding your fire and staying true to yourself, I'll be fine.

As long as I keep telling you these stories, instead of just keeping them to myself out of fear of judgement and failure, I'll be happy. I'll be free.

It'll work out.

As long as I keep putting new, little books on the shelf, I'll be happy.

Hope you're as excited as I am for this new chapter in my storytelling adventures.

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